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3 Perks of Using SharePoint Online for Enterprise Information Management


Last updated on July 5th, 2016 at 11:45 am

SharePoint Online is a flexible solution that can be useful for many small to medium size businesses. However, the solution also fits perfectly well into many large enterprise’s information management strategies. The opportunity for enterprises to be able to store all their internal information in one integrated portal, is invaluable for increasing business efficiency.

Here are 3 key benefits of Using SharePoint Online for Enterprise Information Management:

  1.  Outsourcing day to day worries: Compared to using an on-premises deployment of SharePoint, SharePoint Online takes over some backup and recovery duties. This may reduce your dependence on third-party solutions for these routine tasks, in addition to monitoring server performance that would otherwise need to be done by an IT team. Essentially, these problems rely on Microsoft, not you.
  2. Hybrid deployments: More and more large organizations are choosing to use a hybrid cloud environment, in which highly customized and secure information still remains on-premises, while everyday collaboration moves to the cloud. Hybrid deployments will become more common as organizations recognize the need for flexible accessibility, while still comforting themselves within the secure confines of an on-premises database.
  3. Cost effectiveness: Large organizations constantly need to look at ways to cut costs and reduce superfluous spending. They want flexible ways to bring collaborations solutions to more of their workforce, but also to reduce the overall cost of the infrastructure. The great part about the license-based SharePoint Online is that it helps manage these costs effectively. Some roles in your organization can be inexpensive or limited licenses to help keep costs down. Additionally, the added expense of spending large sums of money on server infrastructure upkeep and maintenance is no longer relevant with SharePoint Online.

These three benefits make SharePoint Online a useful solution for large enterprises seeking to manage their enterprise data as effectively as possible. In addition, SharePoint Online is integrated flawlessly with Yammer to ensure that social collaboration is just as available to employees.

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