Apr 12 17

Straightforward Metrics for SharePoint & Office 365


Selecting the right metrics to show to upper management is key for promoting departmental interests and relaying vital information about the health of the SharePoint portal. Selecting the right metrics, with the right aesthetics can be challenging when working with basic out-of-the-box SharePoint reporting. To get your point across with intelligent metrics, you’ll need a more sophisticated solution that provides all these items in simple and effective dashboards.

CardioLog Analytics SaaS transforms the way organizations gather and visualize their data. Integrated seamlessly with Power BI and hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, it takes full advantage of Microsoft capabilities to deliver a state-of-the-art portal analytics solutions. It is no ordinary reporting solution; it’s a solution that gives power back into the hands of the enterprise and its users. Designed specifically for SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer, its deep integration allows for advanced reports that reveal rich insights by combining JavaScript user behavior tracking with advanced data from APIs. The report authoring experience is simply unmatched with the extended capabilities of Power BI, and CardioLog Analytics’ out-of-the-box reports for Office 365 / SharePoint Online accompany to help solve the top challenges that organizations face when using SharePoint. It also enhances enterprise workflow by its availability as a service on Microsoft Azure.

The Straight Forward Dashboard You Need – Usage Overview

Utilize thid dashboard to understand your general content, adoption and search statuses of your overall portal, as well as for individual pages, documents, lists, community sites, blogs and more. This is a great dashboard for getting an overview of what these three major portal categories look like, as well as how they interact and affect each other. You can even measure multiple SharePoint environments, such as SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013.

Overview Report - SharePoint Usage