Feb 07 16

New Features in SharePoint 2016


There’s been a lot of buzz in anticipation of the release of SharePoint 2016. Although Spring is just around the corner, it’s hard to sit tight! For that reason, we’ve teamed up with Vlad Catrinescu, SharePoint MVP, for a webinar on the New Features in SharePoint 2016.

As SharePoint 2016 RTM is almost out, and with the Beta 2 being 99% feature complete, we already have a good idea of what will be in the final product. In this short webinar, we looked at all the new cool stuff in SharePoint Server 2016 from and End User point of view. SharePoint 2016 includes some awesome features such as DLP, Durable Links as well as Microsoft’s investments in Hybrid!


To access the webinar slides, click here 


Webinar recording coming soon!


About Vlad Catrinescu
Vlad is a SharePoint and Office 365 Consultant specializing in SharePoint and SharePoint Online deployments as well as hybrid scenarios. As a Pluralsight Author, Microsoft Certified Trainer and recognized international speaker, Vlad has helped thousands of users and IT Pros across the globe to better understand and to get the most out of SharePoint.

Vlad is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in SharePoint since 2013 and is known in the community for his technical abilities and for founding the largest and most active SharePoint Community that you can find at www.SharePoint-Community.net. Vlad also has his own blog at www.absolute-sharepoint.com and he often shares his knowledge by speaking at local conferences and community events.

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