Apr 06 15

6 Benefits of On-Premises-Based Analytics Software


Nowadays, it seems as though the IT industry is buzzing about the advantages of cloud based software. Many organizations are migrating their SharePoint portals and associated applications to the cloud, as the rollout of Office 365 came to fruition in February of 2013. But what if cloud-based solutions don’t fit your business model? While cloud-based solutions are surely more affordable and easier to maintain, they may not be the best choice for your organization.

On-premises based analytics software for your SharePoint portal is still a viable option. Consider these top 6 benefits, so you can make well informed business decisions regarding the type of software you purchase.

More Control

The first thing that comes to mind when assessing the benefits of an on-premises based solution is the level of control that you have over your systems and data. With an on-premises solution, corporate data is stored/handled internally within the confines of your organization. You can enjoy complete control of your data at ease.

Greater Integration and Customization

Cloud-based software can be difficult for integration with other applications, due to its “one- size- fits- all- build”. With an on-premises solution, you have the freedom to customize, tweak, and configure certain elements based upon the software licensing. This means that on-premises software has a greater propensity to be tailored to your organization’s needs and requirements.

Dedicated IT staff for maintenance/support

With the implementation of an on-premises software comes the need for at least one dedicated IT staff member to upkeep the server for maintenance and support. Inherently, you will have greater accessibility and support with an in-house staff member that can answer your requests in a timelier manner than a third party’s support staff.

Secure Safety Levels- compliance

It’s no surprise that many organizations still have concerns about the level of safety ensured within cloud-based software. With more hackers getting access to high-level data and information, your information and that of your customers faces a certain risk with cloud-based software. Even though there are a number of precautions and measures you can take to prevent these problems, simply making the decision to choose on on-premises software eliminates the risk of a data breach all together. If data ownership and security are paramount, then an on-premises solution is your best bet.

Cost effectiveness

Although more is paid in the initial costs of an on-premises solution, you end up saving money in the long run. With SaaS, you are paying application, hosting, transaction, and license fees. Similar to leasing a car, with SaaS you never own anything. If you’re already equip with an infrastructure to host your own on-premises solution, then you can end up saving money over time.

Even though SaaS- based solutions have gained a considerable amount of recognition in the IT industry lately, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s best for your organizational needs. If your organization is focused upon issues of security and control, then on-premises reporting software for your SharePoint portal is your best option.

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