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3 Tips for Interpreting a Click Map Report


Click Maps are great reports to use so you can easily visualize traffic, conversion and success metrics within the pages of your SharePoint portal. It’s important to understand exactly what these metrics are telling you, otherwise your efforts for creating click maps may become futile. Here are a few tips for understanding how to create and interpret a click map from start to finish:

What is a Click Map?

A Click Map is a report that can be created to show how individuals click on links within individual pages of the SharePoint portal. These metrics are overlaid on top of the page’s links to answer critical questions. 


A Few Questions you May Want to Consider Asking Yourself…

  1. Which links are most valuable to users as they navigate through the SharePoint portal?
  2. What locations on the page are bringing the most and least amount of traffic?
  3. Which links are the least relevant to visitors, or perhaps aren’t even being accessed at all?

Why Create a Click-Map Report for SharePoint and Office 365? 

By creating a clip map, you can track your user activity in order to improve the design of your SharePoint pages, as well as gain a greater understanding of your users’ portal preferences and experiences. You can attain the unique ability to zero-in on which elements of the pages are successful, and which elements are not gaining much attention. A click map gives you intelligible insights so you can discover the obstacles that exist within your site. By understanding these obstacles, you can then determine which links and images aren’t getting enough clicks, and which call to action buttons are being ignored. If you notice a certain location on the page is drawing attention to the user’s eye, place your buttons there!

Once you have created a click map report to assess your SharePoint pages’ hyperlink levels, you can then easily use A/B testing to increase your adoption rates. A/B testing allows you to uncover how subtle design changes in various versions can improve your visitors’ interactions, and ultimately increase your portal adoption. You will be amazed to discover how minute changes can dramatically improve how your users interact with the portal.

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